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Machinima movie - Life On The Edge

What is it? - In short: a very funny movie about mister Grunt, who's literally living in the map The Edge, his world. It's a rude awakening when suddenly he discovers that there are more things besides rocketlaunchers and splash damage. A classic Quake2 movie that is a must-see for every Quake2 fan that loves the game for its characteristics. (Don't eat or drink while watching this!)

From the author: "It's kind of a take on deathmatching, and romance, from a poetry angle. Don't ask how those go together, just watch the film. It rocks!"

Obviously, this isn't one of the many compilations of demos with highlights from the gameplay of pro's, but something completely different. I almost forgot I still had it and how well done and funny it actually is. One of the reasons I wanted to convert it to a high quality videoclip was that it's hard to find download links that aren't dead, let alone get it to run and watch on a customized Q2 setup without glitches.
Originally the author made it as Machinima film and released a self-extracting exe package so you needed to have the stock game installed, with the stock GL and a lot of other things unaltered to be able to watch the movie. There also was a very low quality divx version released but that totally butchered the movie, as you could hardly see anything. I guess the reason they chose such low quality was probably a combination of the available codecs and the fact that most people back then were still using 56k modems.

Anyway it's a one of a kind Quake2 movie because there is nothing else like it. It has a story, animation, voice acting, "lip-synching" and even self composed cinematic music for the drama. Perhaps that I can appreciate it more than the average viewer because as a mapmaker/texture artist I know how much effort and time goes into this sort of editing, but I think Dr. Nemesis did a fantastic job! So if you have never seen or heard of "Life on the Edge" then by all means watch this movie and don't spoil it by forwarding. Enjoy!


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» What is Machinima?
» Codec: Xvid MPEG4 avi
» Size: 100 MB
» Lenght: 5:32
» Author: Leo Lucien-Bay
» aka Dr. Nemesis