» I decided to write up a little tutorial on vertex animation using the old Q2Modeler tool. I've been doing more stuff for Quetoo lately, including modeling and although I'm not using the old tools anymore, the principle remains roughly the same. With these old games it's hard to find info on how to do certain things and since most useful links are gone I figured it won't hurt to actually put some stuff back online, before I forget most of what I know about this.

» This is a new little Quake2 map for the InstaGib railonly mod. It's available on the railz server of TastySpleen ( and you can vote it up as the next map in line by typing mymap turbo

On a more or less subconscious level the idea for this multi-storey layout came from vague memories of a demo map [image] of the original Unreal Tournament '99 game.


» Map info

» Gametype: instagib/railonly
» Spawnpoints: 12
» New textures: No
» Size: small

Download map

» It's been quiet on the mapping front but on the side I've done some work on a new small duel map dressed up in the dm7 texture theme, which is actually coming along nicely. So far the layout feels intuitive and clear and seems to offer perspective for dueling. So basicly it's time for some proper playtesting but at the moment I'm kinda done with the map. Maybe throwing together a simple map for the railz server will bring back the flow:).

» Machinima movie - Life On The Edge


What is it? - In short: a very funny movie about mister Grunt, who's literally living in the map The Edge, his world. It's a rude awakening when suddenly he discovers that there are more things besides rocketlaunchers and splash damage. A classic Quake2 movie that is a must-see for every Quake2 fan that loves the game for its characteristics. (Don't eat or drink while watching this!)

From the author: "It's kind of a take on deathmatching, and romance, from a poetry angle. Don't ask how those go together, just watch the film. It rocks!"

[Read more...]

» Video info

» What is Machinima?
» Codec: Xvid MPEG4 avi
» Size: 100MB
» Lenght: 5:32
» Author: Leo Lucien-Bay
» aka Dr. Nemesis

» Alrighty, some new Q2 scenery is ready to go. It must have been years ago that I first got the idea for a large map with a good looking winter theme so I'm glad I can finally kick this thing out the door. About halfway done I nearly scratched the whole idea, for Q2's openGL lighting doesn't do white snow textures good. Without soft colored ambient light you couldn't even see the white crosshair. Without going over the more intricate details no other map has ever given me so much headache as this thing. Take it from me it's not a whole lot of fun to work with "natural terrain" in Q2 on this scale. Once in place, reshaping even the smallest area is tedious because doing it in the wrong order will misalign or mess up the brushes. And then I'm not even mentioning the texture alignment and lighting problems I had with all the irregular brushwork. That said, it feels good to finally get the map done. All in all it feels like a fun and original map, but for a fun game you'll need a good player load (and preferably no cows.)

» Q2 Video settings: the bright textures will look the most detailed on intensity lower than 3. It's available in the 'mymap' list on the Vanilla server (


» Map info

» Gametype: vanilla DM
» Spawnpoints: 15
» New textures: 1
» Size: large

More screenshots

Download map

»For quite some time now a 'Torment II' map has been sitting on my hdd so I really should finish that one. At some point I wasn't happy with the way the map's layout was going so I scrapped it and started with something else. Was almost a fully playable map, but in my opinion a map's layout has to feel natural all the way, and not too artificial and stuffed... which is easier said than done!
From what I remember during the makings of all my previous maps there always came a point where I didn't know what to do and then I ended up with one or two unnatural and poorly designed areas in the map. So, not this time. But I just keep trying and hopefully with some luck I'll create a simple and interesting layout that feels right all the way through.

» I've made a new map for Q2 again. Most if not all of my previous maps were designed for ffa (free for all) mode but this time the map was designed for tourney (duel) mode. This sounds super interesting but it basicly means that the map is just smaller in size and more thought was put into the item placement.


Map info

» Gametype: tourney/DM
» Spawnpoints: 8
» New textures: No
» Size: small

More screenshots

Download map




# files & editing tools
- LOTE : (Life On The Edge)

In my opinion one of the funniest Quake2 videos since the existence of the game. Don't eat or drink while watching this.

- PakScape
Solid and easy to use PakEditor.

- Qped 2.11

Versatile PakEditor and viewer (see screenshot in zip). Views .pcx, .md2, sprites & wav planetquake.gamespy.com
- Custom crosshairs x
Collection of 21 new crosshairs for Q2. Preview images included. (You need a PakEditor to update your crosshairs in a .pak file).
- Wally
Texture editor. Designed for the Q2 palette (256 colors).
- PhotoShop .wal plugin
Plugin for Photoshop to read and edit Q2 textures in .wal format. (It's best to convert textures to indexed color mode and save as tga. Then convert to pcx with Wally).
- KeyGrip2
Edit your recorded Q2 demos with this program.
- Demoplay

Instead of placing a downloaded demo in the baseq2/demos folder, and typing 'demoname.dm2' in the console without quotes, Demoplay makes it easier to play demos from any location just by doubbleclicking the .dm2 file. Plus it has playback options like fastforward, pause and slowmotion.

- Q2 Scene Builder qsb19

QSB is a full featured program that allows you to compose scenes made up of models from Quake2 - http://qsb.planetquake.gamespy.com//index.html
- Q2Text
Little config tool to make those flashy but annoying multi-line textbinds and symbols.
- Hjsplitpro
Program to split almost any file into smaller pieces. Handy for email attachments that are too large to send at once. (See screenshot in zip)
- QERadiant 1.47
Map Editor - Solid and fast to work with once you know the hotkeys. Although old still my first choice.
- QuArK 6.4
Map Editor - Supports a multitude of games with extended interface. For newer versions -> http://quark.sourceforge.net

- Build tools

The 'latest' compilers for compiling Q2 maps. Qbsp3 1.09, Qvis3 1.03, Arghrad 2.01
- Q2Beaver
Recommended if you use QeRadiant. It's a Windows-interface that frontends the compiling utilities used to compile Q2 and HL maps. (Screenshot in zip)
- BSP to MAP converter
Winbspc.exe - Converter from the 'Gladiator Bot'. Converts BSP to Map & BSP to AAS
- Q2dm1 source map
Backwards converted and bugfixed MAP file of q2dm1. You need a mapeditor to view this.
- NumBrush
Entity and brush numbering program for MAP files. Useful for deciphering compile warnings and crashing errors when invalid geometry is present.
- Quake2 Modeler
The standard Quake2 model editor. Here is also a complete Listing of Quake2 model frames and animations.
    * Due to copyright reasons TS had to take down the Pak0 files...
I will find another host for the files and put new links up soon.

- Pak0-basic.zip (60MB) *

This zip contains the (singleplayer) maps, textures and models. - No sounds.
- Pak0-sounds.zip (30MB) *
This zip contains all the stock sounds.



Mapping site
My old Mapping page, no longer being updated but most of my older maps and stuff can still be found there.

The original 'Rust' Quake2 Editing tutorials
If you are interested in mapmaking for Quake2 and could use some help, these extended tutorials are a good place to start.
They are still partly available on gamedesign.net but what I have uploaded here are the old tutorials from a couple of years back including all images and example .maps. I take no credit for the tutorials but I did fix a lot of things ie. added missing images, restored broken links and made example .map files.

Curved/spiral staircase tutorial
Step by step this tutorial shows you how to make those neat spiral staircases using regular brushes.

Q2Modeler tutorial - weapon model (vertex) animation
This tutorial shows one way of making a custom weapon model animated for Quake2. Flipbook style.

keyGrip2 tutorial
Only one tutorial for now: Retrieving the 1st-person view from 3rd-person demos. I figured this could come in handy since KeyGrip is not exactly user-friendly.

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