Rust -Quake2 Tutorials

A couple of years ago I downloaded and saved these tutorials from These Tutorials have been very useful to me over the years and I still check them now and then. Now, after Rust has moved from to, most of the tutorials unfortunately have been made shorter and also the links to the example maps don't work anymore.
So, after fixing lots of broken/dead links and redoing the missing pictures the Tutorials are now more or less complete and in their original form. I made some of the example maps myself because I simply didn't have them no more;) To download example maps just rightclick on the link and: 'save target as...'.

Anyway, if you're still looking for a good reading on quake2 editing then this is what you want.




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All these tutorials are copyright 1997, 1998 Shane 'Fishman' Sherman, Martin Ka'ai Cluney, or otherwise stated.