quake2 - misc_teleporter, misc_teleporter_dest

The misc_teleporter and misc_teleporter_dest are 2 extremely simple entities that must be used together to create the teleporters that you see in the id maps when playing deathmatch. They can be used in single player but I don't seem to remember id using them any time in the game. Getting a teleporter to work is very simple, much easier then in quake1.

First thing you must do is decide where you want the teleporter of course and then place the misc_teleporter entity. Then you must place the misc_teleporter_dest where you want to be teleported. Then give the misc_teleporter_dest a targetname and target it with the misc_teleporter. It's that simple. For example, lets give the misc_teleporter_dest a targetname of t1. Then we would give the misc_teleporter a target of t1. Thats it.

To set the right angle for the teleporter_dest, just add a new key value of 'angle'. In quake2 you cannot change the look of the teleporters or the size. They are solid entities that have their own models. Nevertheless you can replace the teleporter_dest with an info_notnull so there won't be a destination model. If for some reason you want to hide both teleporter and destination model then you can sink them into the floor by 10 units. This way they won't be visible but will still work.

Here's an [example .map] which contains an example of a regular teleporter and one that uses an info_null. As always if you have any other questions please post them in the discussion board.

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