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When I first tried to get func_killbox to work I had no success and I got really frustrated but then my friend EutecTic Email me and told me what I was doing wrong. I had already put on the tutorials page that the func_killbox did nothing, so this tutorial is here all because of him. Thanks EutecTic. This guy is good!

What the func_killbox does is kill everything inside of it. It is actually a pretty simple entity to use, but there is a trick to it that gave me all my problems.

The first thing you need to do is decide where you want the func_kill box and create the brush. If you want it to kill everyone in a room then you need to make sure that the box is covering that whole room or it will be at least hitting every entity. Once you get the brush the size you want it then make it into the func_killbox.

The next thing you need to do is give the func_killbox a targetname. This is the only key value pair that you will need. For this example lets just give it a targetname of die.

Now you must make the trigger that is going to set off the func_killbox. In this example lets make it a button on the wall. So create the button and make it into a func_button. Give the func_button a target of the func_killbox. target=die. Now here is the trick that I was I couldn't figure out. You must also give the trigger that will set off the func_kill box a pathtarget of the func_killbox. So in this example we would give the func_button a key value pair pathtarget and set it to die. pathtarget=die.

Thats it for a func_killbox. Your probably laughing at me right now cause this one was so easy. =) I wouldn't have such a problem if there were more comments in the code. hehe

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