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At first I had the misc_viper_bomb in another tutorial with the ship entities because I thought it was one of the ships like the viper but I was wrong. It is actually a bomb that one of the ships can drop. It was used during the game with the airstriker marker. It's a pretty complicated entity to figure out but I will show you how its done. Also thought I should mention that this tutorial is here because of EutecTic. This guy knows everything! He even made the example map.

First thing you need to do is place the actual ship entity that will drop the bomb. You will have to use the misc_viper. You will also need to know how to get it to work, which I explained in a past tutorial you can check out here.

So now you should have the ship linked to some path_corners. Now create the misc_viper_bomb and place it at the path_corner where you want the ship to drop the bomb. Not on the ground but up in the air right on the path_corner. Since the bomb falls in an arc trajectory, it has to be released ahead of it's target just like the real thing. It's forward speed is about half of it's falling speed so if you place the bomb at one half the forward distance of its release height, it should fall right where you want it to.

Now you need to specify the damage that you want the bomb to take off. If you want it to kill everyone in site then set dmg to 10000. You also need to give the misc_viper_bomb a targetname and a pathtarget. These should be the same name. So lets set the targetname to boom and the pathtarget to boom.

Now select the path_corner where the bomb will be dropped at and give it the key value pair pathtarget and set it to the bomb. pathtarget=boom.

Things to remember.....The misc_viper must be triggered! If you don't understand how to get the misc_viper working then read the tutorial.

If you have any other questions then be sure to check out the [example .map] made by EutecTic!

As always if you have any other questions please post them in the discussion board.

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