quake2 - func_object and func_explosive

func_object and func_explosive are two of the easiest entities to use. They are pretty much self explanatory. func_object is an object that falls down when triggered. func_explosive is an object that when triggered explodes.

First i will explain what little there is to explain about a func_explosive. Just make the brush you wish to explode and make it into a func_explosive. Yep, thats it. If you want a visual explosion then you will have to set the dmg=value, value being the amount of radius damage. There are also health and mass key value pairs. Health determines the amount of damage the brush can take before exploding and mass determines the amount of rubble that is produced when the brush explodes. That's all there is to a func_explosive.

A func_object is a pretty cool entity plus its easy to use. Its a object that when triggered falls down. There are no key value pairs that need to be set for the func_object except for the targetname. Just create the brush you want to fall, give it a targetname, and set the trigger_spawn spawnflag. To make it easier to understand for you beginners here is a pic of the func_object entity dialog box from BSP.

func_object pic

A good way to use a func_object is to team it with a func_explosive. In the [example .map] I made I created a column that when shot the base of it explodes and the top part falls to the ground. So the exploding part of the column would be the func_explosive and the top part that falls to the ground is the func_object. To get this to work all you have to do is give the func_object a target_name and set the target of the func_explosive to the func_object. Be sure to set the trigger_spawn spawnflag of the func_object though.

Another good example of a func_object and func_explosive is on the level biggun. After you kill the boss and stop the computer or whatever and your trying to escape the ceiling is falling down and explosions are going off, etc. Hope all this helps. If you are still confused remember to download the example map. It contains three different examples of uses of these entities.

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