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target_laser is another somewhat easy entity to use. i'm sure if you've played through quake2 then you've seen many examples of lasers and the cool effects that id used with the lasers. The cool effects like the moving spiraling lasers are a bit more difficult to implement but i'll try to show you how.

pic of target_laser

First thing you need to do is decide where you want the laser and what you want to use it for. The laser can either be triggered or start on. If you want it to be turned on then you need to give the target_laser a targetname and make some kind of trigger to start the laser. If you want the laser to start on the just set the start_on spawnflag. The laser can either shoot in a direction or shoot at a target. If you want the laser to shoot in a direction other then anything horizontal or up and down then your going to have to have it shoot at a target. This target must be an info_notnull.


There are 5 colors you can choose from: red, green, blue, yellow, and orange. Just set the spawnflag of the color you want. You can also have larger lasers by setting the spawnflag big. If you want the laser to take off more damage then set the key value pair dmg n where n is the amount of damage the laser takes off.

Moving lasers work just like the example above except the target_laser must be targeted to a func_train. And of course the func_train must be connected to multiple path_corners so it will move. The laser will follow the func_train.

There are some very cool things you can use lasers for. You can use them for doors, for traps, etc.
In this [example .map] I have made examples of 4 kinds of uses of a target_laser. One as a door opened with a button, another using info_notnulls to create diagonal lasers, another with a func_timer to make a laser that blinks off and on, and one using a func_train to make a moving laser. If you have any other questions on a target_laser then please post them on the discussion board.

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