quake2 - trigger_push, trigger_hurt, misc_banner, target_help

I thought I would do a tutorial for a bunch of very simple entities that some people might not know what they do.

trigger_push is the same as it was in quake1. Use it to push the player in a given direction. You can specify the speed by setting the the key value pair speed. You can also make the push only work once by setting the spawn_flag push_once.

trigger_hurt is another pretty easy entity to use. Its an area that you specify that when the player comes in contact with it he/she will take damage. You can specify the damage by setting the key value pair dmg. There are a number of spawnflags for a trigger_hurt. They are start_off, toggle, silent, no_protection, and slow. start_off and toggle are for trigger_hurt entities that are triggered. So you could have an area where the player wasn't taking damage but then one of their actions triggers something that causes the player to take constant damage until he/she is out of the area of the trigger_hurt. There are a lot of uses for this. Slow simply decreases the frequency of the damage taken. trigger_hurt can also be used for setting traps..like the floor opens and the player falls into a pit of spikes. just draw a brush covering the tips of the spikes and make it into a trigger_hurt.

misc_banner is the cool wavy flag that is seen on base1. Pretty cool looking. It's uhhhh...very easy. Just place it where ever you want and thats where the flag will appear. Angle determines which side of the flag faces what. In the docs it says it is 128 units high but it seems much bigger to me. (If the banner appears to be black/unlit after a Qrad-compile, make sure to flip it 180 degrees).

target_help is the entity that makes those messages appear on your computer. It also makes the computer blink. They used it in quake2 to tell you about your primary and secondary missions on each level. This entity must be triggered so therefore it must have a targetname. Set the key value pair message to whatever you want it to print. If you want it to come on right when the level is started then use a trigger_always. To specify primary or secondary objectives just set the spawnflag help1 and the message will appear in the primary objective space otherwise it will appear in the secondary. If you are having problems with the message being too long for the space provided on the computer then simple put a \n where you want the line to end.

I have put examples of all these entities on the [example .map]. So if you are having any problems then be sure to check it out. Any other questions please post to the discussion board.

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