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info_player_deathmatch, info_player_team1, info_player_team2
item_flag_team1, item_flag_team2
misc_ctf_banner, misc_ctf_small_banner

This tutorial will take you through the new entities for Q2 Capture the Flag, and what you need to do to get a CTF map up and running. The only exception is info_player deathmatch, which has a slightly different usage than standard DM.

NOTE: in the initial release of Q2CTF, maps had to have a "message" key/value pair in the worldspawn entity, or they would crash. This appears to have been fixed in version 1.01.

Player starts:

The most important diference from standard Q2 editing is the use of player starts. You need to add starts for the teams, as well as generic respawn points

info_player_team1, info_player_team2:

These are the team spawn points, and are only used when a player first joins a team. The only key/value pair for these is the "angle" key, which detemines which direction the player will be facing.

Team 1 is red. Team 2 is blue.


These are the generic spawnpoints that are used for the remainder of the game (example: if you die, you come back to one of these, not to a team start.) Again, the only key is the "angle" key.

These also determine where the tech powerups will spawn when the map begins.

NOTE: There are no info_player_start entities in CTF maps. CTF forces a server into deathmatch by default, and so they are never used.

, item_flag_team2:

What would CTF be without flags? These are easy enough to use. Simply place them in the map where you want them to be. That's it.

misc_ctf_banner, misc_ctf_small_banner:

These are the big waving banners you see hanging on the walls. They take two key/value pairs:

"angle" use this to rotate the banners. simply rotating them in the editor will do nothing.

"spawnflags" defaults to "0" (red). Set to "1" for a blue banner.

And that's it...


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