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The info_player_intermission is the camera you see after a level ends in DeathMatch. They are a little hard to get used to, but after you know the basics, you should do fine.

There is only one key/value pair you need to know with the info_player_intermission, and that is "angles". Most entities have an "angle" key, but in the case of the info_player_intermission, you need three (hence, the 's'.) Here's the breakdown:

Create an info_player_intermission where you want your intermission camera to be, and give it a key of "angles". Now, you want to put three numbers in as your value. Each one of these numbers is an angle. The first is the pitch, the second yaw, and the third roll. Chances are you won't be using the third number (roll) much, since it tilts you side to side, but hey, you can do what ever you want. Heres a little picture illustrating pitch, yaw, and roll:

Demonstrative (albeit confusing) picture goes here

(If that didn't help, don't worry, I'll explain.)

The pitch angle (first number of the three) controlls the up/down angle of the camera. Lets say you would like your camera to look down about 15 degrees. In this case, you would make the first number a 15.

The yaw angle (second number) controls how much the camera is turned from the zero angle (pointing east, on a top-down view of your map.) If you want the camera to look to the west (again, we're talking about a top-down view relative to the map in your editor, and not relative to the actual camera view,) you would give it an angle of 180. If you wanted it to look south, you would use 270.

The roll angle controls the side to side tilt of the camera. Chances are, you will want to leave this at zero, unless you're going for the "just got shot, laying on your side" look, in which case you could give it 90 or 270. If you want the "hanging by your feet" look, then 180.

So, an info_player_intermission that looks 30 degrees down, southwest, and standing on it's "feet" (or hanging by it's "hair", it's all relative) would have an "angles" key with a value of "30 225 0".

That's it. I really hope I didn't confuse you, but there's always the [example .map] for you to play with.*

*Once compiled and in-game, you have to make sure that a (short) timelimit is set (i.e. type 'timelimit .1' in the console) and wait for the timelimit to hit to see the intermission.


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