quake II The Reckoning Monsters
by CaSaN0va

health: 2 sshotgun shots

    The Gekks are like advanced Mutants, they move pretty fast, and they leap great distances. Great for placing on high up ledges with a targetname, so that they jump down to kill the player. They shoot acid loogies, so they aren't crippled at a distance, and if the player gets up in their face they leap right over them, so give them some room to jump please. Also the Gekks are amphibious, so they work in water too, and they don't seem to have the inherant fear of water that all the other enemies share. Remember Gekks are social creatures, and have lairs, so be sure to place them it caves with watery entrances if you like, I find it best to make the caves have blue light, it accents their environment very well, also adding sneak entrances into the Strogg fortresses works, because they seem to be pests of the Strogg.

Repair Bot
health: enough

    The Repair Bot is a little useless on its own, your best bet would be to give it a path to follow, repairing objects, but make the path cross over where there would be dead Stroggs. I don't quite understand how it is supposed to open secrets, but that can be incentive for the player to leave it alone, as they want the secrets, and will often be careless enough to not gib dead bodies, and leave them to be repaired. Repair bots are NOT soldiers don't place them for attack!

Gladiator (beta class)
health: Too Much (10 Rail Shots at least more than 1 BFG!)

    This was one of the enemies that was just too damn good for its time having a Phalynx cannon, and sporting power armor, the Beta Gladiators are monsters, so let's use 'em! Unless you REALLY wanna kill the player, use them sparingly to avoid frustration, this guy works as a door stop when the player is low on ammo or health. He's pretty fast, and his phalynx is deadly when there's no armor involved. Be nice and give the player a bigger gun when he's about to face more than one of these jerks. Or not, your call.... ^_^

Iron Maiden (beta class)
health: same as before, 2 railguns

    Same as the old Iron Maiden, but her gun fires heat seekers, great for high altitudes, if the player tries to dodge, they will die regardless. Place a hallway for escape far enough away to keep them sweating, but the next time lure them into the open even further and then let them have it.

Super Tank (beta class)
health: more than you have, about 5000

    Same as the old tank, but more life, his powershield will be sure to enforce that! The new Tank is kinda like the gate-keeper, he was best used like that in the mission pack, and he works well as an ammo waster if the player likes to stock up.... ^_^ I don't recommend this thing if the level is really small, his size really keeps him out of a lot of places. Use sparingly if ammo or armor count is low. Unless you are completely insane....

Brain (beta class)
health: same as always

    I think that they just changed the Brain's code for this ugly thing.... In all respects I HATED this monster, it was just too damn awful to think about.... but if you must use it, he works well in labs now, but he's more defensive, and can be used as a soldier now, cuz his attacks are lethal. Good for ledge use because his powershield let's him take a beating before he finally stops frying you with the lasers in his eyes. Long rooms work too and throwing him from a closet, so to speak, is good since his new attack has more range.

Hyper Blaster Soldier
health: 2 shotgun shots

    This guy uses a blue hyperblaster which gives away his position, but can be deadly if applied correctly. Corners are a plus with his better armor, once the player starts to enhance their arsenal tho, this guy kinda fades out, but if he is high enough he can prove to be a real pain.

Ion Ripper Soldier
health: 2 shotgun shots

    The Ripper soldier was one of the best enemies in the mission pack in my oppinion. If he is placed up high the shots will be quite effective as they rebound off the floor, but when used in halls he is just as effective, the player may strafe, but they have to move back into position to kill him if they play like me, once I strafe, I usually move right back to where I was hey, it works.... ^_^ From below isn't quite as effective, but corners are good, place him secretly that way his shots will seem to come from everywhere as they bounce around great for confusion. I found this soldier to be one of the most reliable when it comes to heavy weaponry resistance, his weapon shoots fast enough to hurt the player and it rebounds. If the player has a rocket launcher or railgun he will likely take a moment to dodge, then to aim, which will leave him open for the rebound....

Laser Gun Soldier
health: 2 shotgun shots, 1 railgun

    The most effective place for these buggers was on top of crates and girders. They weren't very useful in the open, but hidden really ticks the player off, their weapon does give them away, so use them more as a good distraction the player spends so much time looking for the little thing that he won't notice the gladiator sneaking up the staircase, or behind him.

    - Most of this was taken from observation, I trust Xatrix knew what they were doing.

    - I really didn't like the new Brains, as you might have read, the Brain was my fave monster, just because of sheer interest, but now he's just ugly, please don't mind my oppinions.

    - Beta Gladiators seem well suited for team leadership, but don't make them lead around regular Gladiators, it just seems wierd, because they are two different types, and don't mix well

    - Don't make the Ion Ripper Soldiers drop Ion Rippers, their guns are prosthetic, and they use Cells

    - as seen in the mission pack Gekks are good for stealing crap, so be creative in that aspect!

    - The new soldiers don't REALLY mix that well with the old ones, since their weaponry is so much more advanced, they'd probably be a little snobbish about it.... ^_^


    - Id Software for making Quake 2, and all of the BEST 3D shoot-em-ups!

    - You for taking the time to Read this, and see what I have to say about how to properly use the mission pack enemies.

    - Xatrix for releasing the mission pack! "It rules!"

    - All the Guys at RUST, "I've learned so much in the past few days!"

    - Robert A. Duffy, for putting together QERadient, so us MORTALS can too build Quake 2 maps! w00

    - My girlfriend! (as always, but hey, she keeps me going when I'm down...)

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