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The target_temp_entity is one of the strangest entities available to level designers for quake2 but very very cool. In the game it was only used once in the level boss1. What it does is spawns some sort of sprite. You have 3 of them to choose from(that i know of). First is a green electrical type fire that gives off dynamic green light. Second is a pixel explosion that looks similar to fireworks. Third one is a badass cloud of particles that shoots up and then encaves on itself. My descriptions don't do them justice though, download the [example .map] and check them out for yourself. I'll show you how you can use these cool effects in your levels below.

Creating the target_temp_entity

First you have to decide where you want the sprite to spawn at. Place the target_temp_entity at this location.

Since it is a target_ entity it must be triggered by something else. So therefore you must trigger it with an entity such as a trigger_once, trigger_multiple, trigger_relay, trigger_always, func_button, func_timer, etc.

Key Value Pairs


There is only one key value pair that can be set for the target_temp_entity. It's called style. What is does is specifies the sprite that will be displayed. These values MUST range from 17,18,20-22 or there will be an error and the game will crash. I am not sure if there are any other values other then these, these were the only ones I found to work.

Another thing you should know is that style 22 is the only one used in the id levels and is the only one that has a sound that is played when it is triggered. Style 20 and 21 MUST have a target_speaker used to get sound(if you want sound). Here are some screenshots of 3 of the different styles:

style 20
style 20

style 21
style 21

style 22
style 22

17 is the rocket explosion, 18 is the grenade explosion.(thanks obama)

Uses of the target_temp_entity
This entities uses are visual and just for looks but very very cool. You could have big generators that give off the electrical cloud of style 22. You could have a trap that would set off a target_temp_entity under the feet of the player and disintegrate him. There are numerous cool and unique uses for this entity that all of you guys/gals can up with.
There is an example of the 3 different styles on the [example .map] map.

if you still don't understand please post your questions to the discussion board.

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