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The trigger_gravity entity at first I didn't think it worked because it was NEVER used in any of the id levels.(whole level gravity is set with the worldspawn entity.) It was not until I saw over at Akuma's SPQ that it worked. The bad thing about it is that it only effects spawned entities, grenades, and gibs.It has NO effect on the player. Its very simple though.

Creating the trigger_gravity

First thing you need to do is just create a brush that will cover the entire area that you want to have a different gravity. It would also be a good practice to give it the trigger texture. Now turn it into the trigger_gravity entity. Pretty simple huh?

Key Value Pairs


There is only 1 key value pair and it is pretty self explanatory. gravity will be the value you want the gravity to change to. Default gravity is 1, so if you want a room with low gravity set it to something like .5 or .3. If you want a room with no gravity, in which a grenade will just keep going and going, then set the gravity to 0. A negative value will make the grenades and the gibs go towards the ceiling. A real positive value will make the grenades and gibs immediately shoot towards the ground. But remember though, this ONLY effects spawned entities, grenades, and gibs. Nothing else is effected.
Uses of the trigger_gravity
Since the trigger_gravity entity is so limited there are not many uses for it but to confuse the player. You could have a creature that is spawned and falls from the ceiling and it would fall very slow if the gravity was low. You could have spawned gibs fly across the room very slowly. Pretty strange huh?

Be sure to check out the [example .map] map.


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